Who Are We?

The Committee

The committee is a small group of cachers dedicated to bringing the UK Mega to Lincolnshire in 2021. They are responsible for organising all the aspects of the event to ensure that you have the best mega experience yet. You can read about each member below.

Alison Cooke – &Ruby – Chair

I’ve been caching for 8 years and have a total of 4800 finds. I love geocaching, in fact my family say I’m obsessed! I enjoy a good walk, and it’s even better if there is some Tupperware hidden along the way, and I love the friendships that I have made through the social side of Geocaching.

This year I have been caching in Europe for the first time and attended my first Giga event in Hamburg. We all say that Geocaching gets us to places that we wouldn’t have gone to otherwise and that is certainly true of the beautiful cities of Hamburg and Bruges in my case. I cache all over the UK, and at the moment my five hides are spread out between Lincolnshire and Yorkshire.

My favourite Lincolnshire series is the Duck Trail by Queen Charles, this narrowly pipped the NCN series by the Inbetweeners to the post because it is a circular walk whereas NCN is linear, they both have a variety of interesting and individual containers and take you through some lovely countryside. My favourite geocache in Lincolnshire is GCM85M VIVA SKEGVEGAS (adopted) by Angellica, because it took us on a great walk around an area of Skegness that I did wouldn’t have walked around if it hadn’t been for the cache and it reminds me of two dear friends.

Andy Wright – Tentmantent

I’ve been caching for around 13 years now, recently reaching a total of 8,000 finds. I love almost every aspect of geocaching, but especially virtuals, puzzles and wherigos.
I also love holding interesting events and collecting geocoins. I’ve cached in far-flung places such as Malawi and China, but mostly here in my home county of Lincolnshire, where I currently have around 70 of my own hides.
My favourite Lincolnshire series is probably the ‘Cow Series’ by Cactus Clan because the puzzles were awesome, and my favourite cache is GC6HRVY ‘A17 The Foundation’ by Wheeler13 because I like going underground!

Andrew Cooke – Bedecooke

I’ve been caching for just over 8 years and although I only have a total of 1214 recorded finds my actual total is much greater. I didn’t bother logging my caches for many years as I’d got to 999 logged caches and it really bugged one of my wife’s friends. Well, to be honest, it bugged Alison too which was a bonus ☺. Even now I’m not very good at logging, it will either be done on the day or I’ll forget … Sorry. 

My caching name is Bedecooke pronounced “bead cooke”. I don’t explain why, if you know what the Bede refers to then that’s great.
I was introduced to geocaching by some Explorer Scouts that I was working with at the time. I enjoyed it and introduced my wife Alison, &Ruby, to the pastime and created the monster, sorry fanatic, sorry I meant the really successful cacher that you know and love!

I’ve cached in the UK and in Belgium, this year was my first trip aboard caching, and I’ve also been recently introduced to the experience of planned drive by caching, for Church Micros!
My favourite standalone cache in Lincolnshire is possibly Normanby Dale (GC15TJ2), out in the Wolds all on its own, an old gem and a nice walk with the emphasis on Walk.
My favourite Lincolnshire series is Kelby Eight (GCN030), a short walk around the village of Kelby with a variety of original containers and hides. 

Nick Marshall – NickEuro

Hi, I’m Nick, an Entrepreneur and Business Mentor. I started Geocaching in 2014 in Spain to discover more about the fantastic island of Mallorca, it really has some great caches. Since then I’ve compiled 9000 odd finds.

I’m not the most sociable of cachers, having attended only one event and two mega-events. However, I am a friendly chap who has made good friends from this game. I recently (with a fellow cacher) raised £1200 for homeless charities trying to find 500 caches over a weekend!
I vary my time caching in Spain, Wiltshire, and Lincolnshire where I have found some nice caches, my favourite series has to be GC52QMT – Save our Hedgehogs as its very Child-friendly and has fun hides. We need to attract more younger people to this game and series like this really engage the younger Geocacher.
Controversially I am not recommending a standalone cache – We will be putting out many amazing caches for the 2021 Mega so watch this space.
Have fun Geocaching is my motto, don’t get obsessed with numbers and stats too much!

Tracey Mason-Garrill – The Amasons

Hi, my name is Tracey and I’m one half of the caching Team ‘The Amasons’. I’ve been caching since 2010 and have 6,680 finds and 262 hides to my name as at April 2020. My favourite type of caching is a circular walk with friends in the country. I cache with my husband Pete and our Border Collie dog, Cache and some of you will know me from a podcast on Geocaching that Pete and I produce monthly. Having been born and bred in Lincolnshire, I’m a true ‘Lincolnshire Yella Bellie’ from a long line of Yella Bellies.

My favourite series in Lincolnshire is Jessica’s Jaunt. It is a huge series, originally by Roger Rabbit and then adopted by Alqunas. I love it as it can be done as one huge series or broken down into several smaller series. The caches are in beautiful countryside and are great for all ages. It’s also a great walk for the dog. My favourite Cache is a virtual in the small village of Digby, easily accessed off the A15. It’s called The Village Lock Up by Annie Glipta (GC7B82J) and it is just a fun cache that gives so much history of the county. I look forward to seeing you all at The Revesby Estate in August 2021.

Ben Powell – sponge_3

I was first introduced to geocaching by my brother-in-law whilst on the way to Peterborough Beer Festival in 2015. We came across a bricked up public convenience block with the metal bars still oddly in place. He said, ‘I bet there is a geocache here’. There was, we found it, and he spent the afternoon explaining the game. We also found the SideTracked cache on the way home and that was it, I was hooked. I downloaded the app at home that evening and got cracking with finding caches. My first find was the Church Micro in my village, which I know own, and it all spiralled from that point. Nowadays, I can usually be found caching with PennyRose123. I think she is the youngest geocacher in the world, having found her first cache at just 5 hours old. Do you know of anyone younger?

I love hiding caches, especially in national series’. I can be found ranking highly on the caches placed leader-boards for Church Micros, A Fine Pair, SideTracked and Village Signs. Controversially, I do not live in Lincolnshire, although I’m only 259m from the border over in Nottinghamshire. Fortunately, the other committee members took pity on me and allowed me on board. My favourite Lincolnshire cache was one of the first ones I found, which is still also one of the oldest I have found. ‘Dune’ (GC45F3) is at Mablethorpe in the sand dunes. It is not that far from Revesby. Perhaps you’ll find it when you come for the 2021 Mega? See you then!

Steve Cambers – Iskra750

I have only been geocaching for 2 years, however, it is has been in the last year that I got really into it
and enjoying it. I have now 2 series out there one linear and the other a circuit and I am looking to
get other caches out there. I am an aircraft enthusiast hence my caching name Iskra, it’s the name of a Polish jet trainer. I am a
serving member of the RAF with 35 years under my belt, those that know will know what the numbers mean. I came across caching whilst looking for something to do whilst I go walking with my dog and with the magic of Google, I found geocaching, I have met some great people whilst doing this but with COVID it’s changed it slightly.
I cache whenever I can in the UK and have a couple of finds in France as well. My wife comes with me sometimes and we love the Lake District so go there as often as we can. My favourite standalone cache is a local one to me, Box Clever (GC6J6TM), this was my first introduction to a homebuilt cache that took some thinking to open.
Like Bedecooke, my favourite Lincolnshire series is the Kelby Eight (GCN030), this is a great little walk
I did with my dog a few times before getting into geocaching and then when I saw them on the app I
had to do them.

Simon Blackshaw – timelord442

Hi, my name is Simon and I am the younger half of timelord442. Together with my dad, we have been caching for over 7 years after starting on International geocaching day in 2012. To date, have found over 1700 caches around Lincolnshire and Yorkshire, stretching to as far as Iceland, Spain and Czechia.
I first attended a mega event in 2018, visiting Piratemania 11 in Dalby Forest followed by the UK Mega at Newby Hall in Yorkshire. Since then I have moved to University in York and have continued to cache when I can.
My favourite cache type must be a Multi-Cache because you get great satisfaction when all of the little finds come together (seems silly but it does work for me!)
Favourite stand-alone cache in Lincolnshire: Going on a Bear Hunt – Bearly a Puzzle by The*Aliens – GC3Q4C1 which is a mix of a multicache with a puzzle element to begin with which takes you through a stunning area of woodland in the north of the county, leading to a number of different cache sizes and locations along the way. My favourite series in Lincolnshire is the HS series by mariner1959 – GC6WQ68 for similar reasons, again a lovely walk through the top of the county that can be done in small loops too for those with only an evening or so to spare.