We’ve Moved

Sorry we’ve moved but it is really exciting !

Time to change?

It was with a degree of sadness that the committee decided that we had to move from Revesby. It would have made a beautiful location for the Mega and if it hadn’t been for Covid and some operational issues, we would have stayed and it would have been brilliant.

But Covid has happened and it is likely to be with us in one form or another for the foreseeable future.

So it was only right and proper that the committee looked for ways that we could protect the project and try to ensure that the Mega took place.  For months we have been considering different locations and different scenarios to ensure that a Mega takes place in 2021 and we believe that we have succeeded.

We had heard that the Poacher 2021 International Scout and Guide Jamboree had been postponed to 2022. This gave us the opportunity to enter talks with the Lincolnshire Showground, they have been very supportive, very helpful and very enthusiastic. Coincidently, the Showground was one of our first-choices when we originally started planning the Lincolnshire UK Mega some years ago but the Scouts and Guides have a long tradition of being on the showground so the opportunity wasn’t there.

But it is now ! And there are many advantages to using the Showground.

  • ITS BIG !
  • It has superb infrastructure
  • Its near to the city
  • Brilliant transport links
  • A large exhibition centre
  • Fixed Toilets & Showers
  • Electricity points on site
  • Tarmac roads
  • Excellent parking
  • Multiple Entry points
  • And many more

All of the above would be good reasons to move but they were not the primary drivers.

The two principle reasons are

Safety and Comfort

The safety and comfort of everyone has to be paramount and along with our Event Safety Company, we believe that the Showground let us meet that goal.  The showground’s layout offers us everything we need to put the necessary social distancing and safety measures in place. 

There is plenty of room, separate entrances for campers and day visitors, and loads of car parking. All in all, the excellent onsite facilities will allow us plenty of options to ensure everyone’s safety whatever measures we have to put in place next year. 


For many of the same reasons as above we believe that the flexibility offered by the grounds and the staff at the Showground could be pivotal for the Mega.

We are planning the full six nights camping with evening entertainments and the Mega Day for you The extra flexibility the Showground provides and the terms we have negotiated, enables to carry on with the plans and more importantly it allows us make changes to the plans right up to the last minute.

This allows us to react to the ever changing situation quickly.   It allows us to plan the various elements that go to make up the Mega week separately, changing them as the situation demands. As an example,  if for whatever reason, we weren’t allowed to have evening events then hopefully the camping would be unaffected and it would still carry on. We believe this approach gives the highest likelihood of success.

We don’t know what next year will bring but we hope you can see that we are doing our absolute upmost to ensure that the Mega takes place.  We hope it will be a familiar set up to what we all know and love but if not then the plans we have worked so hard to put in place will allow us to have a new and exciting type of Mega.

In short, we are all working really hard to ensure that Mega 2021 happens and we believe that with your support (and your bookings !) then it will be a Mega to remember.