Mega2021 Geotag Series 2 – Joseph Banks


Joseph Banks Geotag inviting you to the Lincolnshire Mega 2021.

One of a  set of 4 Geotags inviting you to the Lincolnshire Mega 2021

The tags have our mega logo on the front and one of 4 famous Lincolnshire historical figures on the reverse.

Sir Joseph Banks, 1st Baronet, 24 February 1743 – 19 June 1820) was an English naturalist, botanist, and patron of the natural sciences.

Banks made his name on the 1766 natural-history expedition to Newfoundland and Labrador. He took part in Captain James Cook’s first great voyage (1768–1771), visiting Brazil, Tahiti, and after 6 months in New Zealand, Australia, returning to immediate fame. He held the position of president of the Royal Society for over 41 years. He advised King George III on the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, and by sending botanists around the world to collect plants, he made Kew the world’s leading botanical gardens. He is credited for bringing 30,000 plant specimens home with him; amongst them, he discovered 1,400.

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