Mega2021 Geotag Series 2 – John Harrison


John Harrison Geotag inviting you to the Lincolnshire Mega 2021

One of a  set of 4 Geotags inviting you to the Lincolnshire Mega 2021

The tags have our mega logo on the front and one of 4 famous Lincolnshire historical figures on the reverse.

John Harrison (3 April 1693 – 24 March 1776) was a self-educated English carpenter and clockmaker who invented the marine chronometer, a long-sought-after device for solving the problem of calculating longitude while at sea. During the mid-1720s he designed a series of remarkable precision longcase clocks. These clocks achieved an accuracy of one second in a month, far better than any clocks of the time.

Harrison’s solution revolutionised navigation and greatly increased the safety of long-distance sea travel. The problem he solved was considered so important following the Scilly naval disaster of 1707 that the British Parliament offered financial rewards of up to £20,000 (equivalent to £3.17 million in 2020) under the 1714 Longitude Act.

In 1730, Harrison presented his first design, and worked over many years on improved designs, making several advances in time-keeping technology, finally turning to what were called sea watches. In order to solve the problem of Longitude, Harrison aimed to devise a portable clock which kept time to within three seconds a day. This would make it far more accurate than even the best watches of the time. Harrison gained support from the Longitude Board in building and testing his designs.  Toward the end of his life, he received recognition and a reward from Parliament.


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