Mega Week Wristband – SINGLE DAY


This Mega Week Wristband is only for any SINGLE day other than Megaday  and is good for the entire day – ideal for those just doing a flying visit to see friends and gives you access to the site for one day and includes that day’s evening event.

On arrival at the showground, you will be asked for your name and order number which will be emailed to when you complete your purchase.  On showing a valid number you will be given a wristband which must be worn at all times on site, preferably somewhere visible. Note! We are not sending wristbands in the post – they are only available at the showground.

Everyone wishing to access the showground will need a wristband.  This cost of this covers a variety of things from parking  and security to the more mundane but rather important sewerage.

Entrance to the site is via gate 4 which is off Tillbridge Lane. Do not try to access via Gate 1 off the A15, you will be turned away.

Google Map and directions

To avoid the Mega losing money to various charges please consider using a direct bank payment.

During the event we will be complying with all guidance issued by the government, our safety advisors and local authorities, whatever that guidance may be at the time of the event.  By attending the event you are agreeing that you will comply with whatever COVID-19 measures we have in place and failing to cooperate could result in us asking you to leave the site. You will be required to participate in the Track and Trace and will need to scan our QR code or provide your details for a paper version (this may delay your entry)

You should take a COVID-19 lateral flow test before you come to us and you may be asked if you have done so upon arrival.  These are readily available from a number of sources such as  NHS Tests and pharmacies.

Please be patient,  courteous,  and observe any Covid restrictions that are in place, they are there to protect you and all the people involved in the Mega. You will need to wear a mask in indoor locations except when seated, that includes when going to the bar.



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