Mega Day Coin


55mm x 65mm.  80g

The Lincolnshire Mega geocoin features a collection of icons of what Lincolnshire means to the geocaching community.

Lincolnshire is the second biggest county in England, and so there was a wide range of choices to be selected from.

The border for both sides of the geocoin is the Lincolnshire flag.

On the front the well-known Lincoln Cathedral takes centre stage, dominating this side of the geocoin. Flanked by Boston Stump and St James’ Church of Louth. Under the greenery we find the sea, using the same wavelines as featured on many local crests, representing the long coastline, well known seasides, and ports of the county. The Viking ship is from the historic coat of arms for parts of Lindsey, while the Mermaid is an altered, family-friendly, version of the mermaid from the Boston coat of arms (also, mermaids on a gecoin! Yay!). The fleur-de-lys is tucked away in the corner, while a Lancaster bomber flies overhead.

The rear of the coin shows the rolling hills and hidden valleys of the Lincolnshire Wolds, with tulips and wheat representing the south of the county, along with its rich farming history, where tractors can often be found roaming the fields. Isaac Newton is sitting under the apple tree, facing the Skegness clock tower in the East. Between and above them both is the iconic Crowland Abbey, with Tattershall Castle sitting high on the coin.

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