Mega 2021 Supporter’s Pack


As Toyah said a long time ago “It’s a mystery, it’s a mystery, I’m still searching for a clue.  It’s a mystery to me”

Ahh the 80’s …….

Anyway,   the contents of our supporter’s pack is a closely guarded secret! A mystery until you receive it…

We can say that the supporter’s pack will contain a special geocoin and some other carefully chosen items of lovely Lincolnshire geocaching merchandise.

 You’ll have to wait until Mega Day, 7th August 2021, to discover the contents of your supporter’s pack, when they will be available for pick up.

Select “local pickup” when buying and we will have it ready for you at the Mega. If you prefer or if you’re not able to attend the Mega and would prefer sending to you then select the appropriate carriage in the Basket.

In the unlikely event of the Mega not going ahead we will arrange to post out  your supporter’s pack.

Help us to make a better Mega, by making your payment directly into our bank using BACS means we won’t pay any fees. That means more money goes to the Mega and not to Paypal -thank you




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