Mega Week Challenge!

Thank you for taking part in the Mega Week Challenge, it has been a joy to mark and I hope you have all had fun in the process. Below is a HTML Souvineer which you may display on your profile for taking part!

Mega Week Challenge Sovineer

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Adult Challenge:
1st place was Deb Badgery
2nd place was Matt Faulkner Collins
3rd place was John Higgins & Tim Thorne

In the children’s challenge
1st place was Plus 1 (Gigglesandloubyplus3)
2nd place was Rupert Maughan (Marobin85)
3rd place was Plus 2 ( Gigglesandloubyplus3)
4th place was Louisa Lloyd (Little Miss Ladybird)

Rules & Help

Adult Leaderboard
Kids Leaderboard

Welcome to the Mega Week Challenge which will run 3rd – 10th August 2020

The challenges are a mix of caching and non-caching based ones split into 2 competitions, one for under 16’s and one for grown-ups! The challenges will start on Monday at 12pm and finish after the final submission the following Monday at 12pm. After each challenge, each entry will be ranked with the maximum points going to the best submission in each challenge. You’re invited to think outside the box for creative challenges but please do not bend any geocaching or social distancing rules, and don’t go breaking the law!

Receiving the Challenges:

Before 12pm on each day of the challenge, you will receive an email containing the full rules, details, and submission point for the day’s challenge. The submission point is a Google Form link which will be the same all week. The challenge details will also be posted on social media but submission will only be through the Google Form. If you do not have access to email, please get in touch before the first challenge starts.


Each task may require a mixture of text, images and video in order to complete it. A Google Form will be sent along with each task to which you will be able to submit the text and up to 3 images showing how you completed the task. Those with little detail or vague answers that don’t meet the criteria may not score full points. Forms must be submitted by 12pm, 24 hours after it was released. Any submissions received after will be ignored. Multiple submissions are allowed, the most recent before the 12 pm deadline will be scored.

Video: YouTube Unlisted

If you take a video, do not take much longer than around 2.5 minutes when filming. Finished videos should be uploaded to YouTube as an Unlisted video. This means that nobody apart from yourself and anyone you give the video link to can watch the video. Please then submit this link along with your task submission through the Google Form.


After each challenge, the submissions will be judged and ranked with maximum points going to the best entry. Anyone without an entry that day will score 0 points. The leader board will be posted on the website and social media by 8pm after each day. The competitor in each group with the most points at the end of each week will week the Mega Week Challenge!

Any questions please message the Lincolnshire Mega 2021 Facebook page or get in touch through the website.

Good Luck!